The Bowyer

From Backwoods Beginnings

For much of my life I have called Connecticut my home; it's where I was born, first learned of the wonders of the outdoors, and grew into who I am today. As a child I grew up on a farm away from many of my friends so I found myself faced with the dilemma of how to entertain my time. I turned to the outdoors and found it to be a completely wholesome and natural solution. I immediately developed a lifelong attachment with animals, nature, and most importantly, the woods. It was that same serenity, solitude, and unspeakable fascination I found in the woods as a child that I have carried with me into my profession as an adult. I began turning wood into objects people that find beauty in as a portrayal of the way I see it in its natural state. For many years I was a master wood turner creating various pieces such as intricate bowls and vases. I also tackled greater challenges and built fine cabinetry, a reproduction of a museum Sam Maloof rocking chair, and small watercrafts. I began entering competitions and gained notability, winning awards including "First in Class" New England Carving Wild Life Expo, "Best in Show" Glastonbury Arts Guild 32nd Arts and Crafts Show, and "Best in Show" New England Wood Carving Wild Life Expo. It was fair to say that with any feat if you gave me the wood to do it, I would find a way to make it.

It was with this mindset from which White Wolf Custom Bows evolved; it began as a simple idea. I had always been an avid outdoorsman and I took to archery like an addiction. Soon compound bows and even more traditional forms of the sport were not enough for me, I needed my next fix; I needed to make my own bows. I had the supplies and machines to do it, but more importantly, I had the heart. It was with this effortless thought, my love, and energy from which my lifelong career would spring after 30 years of woodturning. White Wolf Custom Bows was born.

I created my earliest forms of stick bows and long bows entirely driven. Not a day passed where a new problem did not raise itself, yet I was not discouraged. I thrived on perplexity and countless sleepless nights later I began making my models faster and more sophisticated, slowly shooting closer to my mark. As the development of White Wolf progressed I quickly realized that I needed to base my company completely on my customers. After all, without them I cannot continue to do what I love most. I pride myself in entirely unmatched customer service with much time and dedication spent in hearing what my fellow shooters have to say.

To the New White Wolf

Nonetheless, that was years ago and some of those earlier models are not in production anymore. White Wolf has become something I have always dreamt about. I am pleased to say I have bow orders from all over the world and my customers never cease to present me with new ideas. I have recently taken on new feats in the effort to expand my company with the development of new models such as the Wind Warrior Max P, my two limbed, precision shooting machine. I have also continued to step out of the box with White Wolf. I now offer more colors, styles, and personalization than ever as customization has always been my priority. Like with anything else, give me the wood to do it and I'll find a way to make it.

My brain sparks with every new order I receive as my customers never fail to keep me challenged. I don't think I'll ever see the day when somebody can't present me with something I haven't done before. At White Wolf I am always looking for new challenges because I truly believe that your bow should nestle perfectly into the palm of your hand and be nothing more than an extension of yourself.

White Wolf is continuing to expand as my family and I are moving to our new home in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Tennessee. I am moving my shop, my equipment, and the company to better lands with greater horizons. As I move closer to nature what won't quiver is my dedication to my customers and the promotion of traditional archery. I will continue to create the most high-end and precise custom bows available, while always venturing to step out of the box with my designs. To all my customers and fellow craftsmen I leave you with this thought: “Wood is an old soul and every ring has its own story to tell. It's willing to teach us to speak its language and transform it into greatness. All we need to do is listen.”

--Tony Semenuk